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Which Moleskine Notebook Is Best For Your Project?

Which Moleskine Notebook Is Best For Your Project?


Moleskine notebooks now take many forms. What started as a simple, black hardcover has grown into multiple colors, sizes, and page styles, along with softcover versions of the original, and even some slimmer options, the Volant, and the Cahier.

Let’s review some common project types and take a deeper look at each notebook style so you can decide the best option for your unique project.


1. Event Giveaways / Conference Handouts


You have a special event coming up and have heard that customized Moleskine notebooks make great event swag. Which notebook to choose?

Moleskine Classic Hardcover, Large

Moleskine Classic Hardcover in Black


  1. STURDY Its hardcover construction allows it to be written in while standing, and is less likely to get ‘bent out of shape’, especially when stuffed in gift bags, purses, briefcases, folios, etc.
  2. USEFUL Give your recipients an easy way to gather notes, contacts, and hopefully more info about your company. The notebook also includes a rear, inner pocket, handy for storing business cards, flyers, and loose notes.
  3. CONVENIENT With a footprint just over 5’ by 8’, it’s about the size of an iPad Mini, easily fitting even in smaller bags and folios. At 3.5” by 5.5”, the pocket version is even easier to keep on your person at all times.
  4. VERSATILE Its traditional black color is neutral enough to work with any branding or color scheme. For an additional custom feel, it also comes in 10 other colors.

Some other favorite features of the Moleskine Classic Hardcover...

  • Thread-bound pages for lay-flat usability
  • Elastic closure band
  • Bound-in ribbon bookmark

Having your company logo on a classic Moleskine notebook makes a statement to your recipients, and is likely to stay in their hands well after the event.


2. New Hires / Employee Gifts


Few things say “glad to have you on the team” like customized company gifts. Growing research also shows that a good notebook is an underestimated productivity booster. But which Moleskine works best?

Moleskine Softcover, Large

Moleskine Softcover Notebook in Black


  1. FLEXIBLE Its softcover construction allows it to be a bit thinner than its hardcover sibling, with a pliable cover material that is more adaptable, but just as durable.
  2. HANDY New team members are often inundated with new things to remember, and will welcome an easy place to jot it all down. The notebook’s rear, inner pocket can also store loose notes, cards, etc.
  3. MOBILE Like the hardcover, it measures about 5’ by 8’ (about the size of an iPad Mini), but in a lighter, thinner profile.

Thickness - Hardcover vs Softcover

Softcover's thickness (left) vs Classic Hardcover (right)

Some of our other favorite features of the Moleskine Softcover...

  • Thread-bound pages for lay-flat usability
  • Elastic closure band
  • Bound-in ribbon bookmark

Gifting your team members with our company logo on a Moleskine softcover lets your team know you take pride not only in your branding, but also in the work they do for you.


3. Sales Kits / Promotional Items


An effective sales kit can be the perfect tool for marketing your business, educating your clients, and of course finalizing sales. As with any promotional item or educational tool, each item needs to fit your branding style, while including some important elements. Which Moleskine is best suited?

Moleskine Volant, Large

Moleskine Volant notebooks in several vivid colors


  1. LOW PROFILE With a flexible softcover, no elastic band, fewer pages (96 vs hardcover’s 240), the Volant is slim and packs easily in among other items in your sales kit.
  2. COLORFUL Sold as a set of 2 notebooks in a range of bright, matching colors, these notebooks can be easily adapted to a range of branding styles.
  3. EDGE-TO-EDGE EMBOSSING The Volant’s construction allows for logos/designs to run all the way to the cover’s edges (full-bleed), unlocking the potential for some extra creative, attention-grabbing designs. 
  4. BUDGET-FRIENDLY Already a cost-effective option, the pricing includes 2 notebooks, which can be incorporated into your sales kit as a pair, or separated.
Thickness - Hardcover vs Volant

Volant's thickness (left) vs Classic Hardcover (right)

Some of our other favorite features of the Moleskine Volant...

  • Thread-bound pages
  • Moleskine’s largest range of size options
  • Perforated, detachable pages

4. Customer Rewards / Donor Appreciation


Showing appreciation to your faithful customers and loyal supporters by giving them something back is critical to building solid, long-term relationships.

Moleskine Cahier

Moleskine Cahier available in 7 colors


  1. MINIMALIST DESIGN With a simple, heavy-duty paperboard cover and visible stitching on the spine edge, the Cahier is clean, handsome, and adaptable. The cover material takes beautifully to color imprinting and, like the Volant, can be stamped edge-to-edge (full bleed).
  2. CLASSIC COLORS Its more subdued color selection conveys a subtle, dignified look that can work quite well for universities, hospitals, and non-profits alike.
  3. POCKET FRIENDLY Like the hardcover, the Large measures about 5’ by 8’, but is Moleskine’s thinnest, lightest journal. The smaller Pocket version is especially convenient for notes on the go.
  4. POCKET-BOOK FRIENDLY At a very attractive price-point, Cahier is an economical option for non-profits or organizations on a tight budget.

Thickness - Hardcover vs Cahier

Cahier's thickness (left) vs Classic Hardcover (right)

The Moleskine Cahier’s simple design makes it a notebook people will actually use - and remember you when they do.


What's Your Story?


Has your company/organization found success incorporating Moleskine notebooks into your marketing strategy?

Feel free to let us know what has worked well for your team, or whether we can help you get your own custom project started!

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