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About Us

Jenni started making books in 1990, crafting pretty handmade journals and photo albums for independent bookstores and craft fairs. When she began to learn about personalizing these books with names and logos, Jenni knew she had found a business we could love and sustain for life.

28 years later, the business has grown to include a team of dedicated fellow book-lovers, and a tribe of almost half a million satisfied customers.

Meet the team at JB Custom Journals

Together, we work hard every day to share our passion with you. We are dedicated to bringing you the best books we can find, decorated as artfully as we can manage, and chosen just for you. After all, you are the one who will fill it, who will give it life; our job is just to make that possible.

Our Location

Jenni Bick Custom Journals is located on Martha’s Vineyard, a small Island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

From a hide of leather, loose papers, and a needle with thread, our rustic leather journals are all beautifully hand-crafted, one at a time here on Martha’s Vineyard. All of the journal customizations we offer are also done here as well using digital printing and old-fashioned hot stamp embossing.

Your Order Process

Once your order has been placed, our designers work with you to create digital proofs of what your finished custom notebooks will look like. This gives you a preview of the finished product before your notebooks are sent into production.

After you have approved, we have your logo made into a die. The die is an engraved metal stamp that we use to deboss your journals. The die is fitted into a machine where your books are hand stamped, one at a time, with stunning results.

If you order any other customizations, the notebooks are then brought to our art department where we add digital-printed features such as custom belly bands or hand-inserted pages. We dress each individual notebook with a clear bag, for protection, and then package them with care for shipping. 

The Team

We are people who truly love the books we sell. We care about helping each and every customer with their project. We enjoy testing our creative limits and finding new ways to personalize the books we sell. We create together, celebrate together, and try to keep things fun.

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