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Custom Notebooks for Company Sales Kit

The Benefits of Sales Kits For Your Business

Having the right sales kit can be the essential tool for marketing your business, educating your clients, and of course finalizing sales.

When Inter-Lux, an International Architectural Lighting manufacturer, needed to put together a “new rep kit” to send out to their sales force, they turned to SPIN, LLC for help.

SPIN LLC is a full-service public relations and marketing consulting firm specializing in integrated marketing for the built environment and based out of Baltimore, MD.

As with any architectural product line, the competition can be fierce. Working with the client, Spin felt producing a “new rep kit” would help enhance the Inter-Lux’ brand. It was further decided to include a luxury Moleskine notebook to be used at the “kick-off” of a new project so that all information can be kept in one specific notebook.

As with any sales kit, the notebook needed to fit perfectly with their branding. What they wanted was a notebook similar to their Pantone Color, 7409. It also needed to have squared pages as the notebooks were being used by architects and interior designers, People who need this type of ruling to sketch and scale design projects.


We found a perfect match with the Classic Orange/Yellow Moleskine notebook. When we found out that notebook had just been discontinued, we had to make a switch. They decided on doing a 50/50 combination of black and white squared page Classic Moleskine notebooks. 

Our art department sent them two proofs for their project. One proof showed a yellow foil similar to their pantone color and a second proof showed black and white foil for the text and the dot in-between the words in yellow foil.

Moving forward with proof two required two stamps to be created.  First, the text portion was stamped in white on the black notebooks and stamped in black on the white notebooks.

A second stamp was used to emboss the yellow circle between the text.

We think the custom notebooks came out great and really fit the Inter Lux Brand!

The notebooks were included in the brand new sales kit along with the Inter Lux sales catalogs highlighting their product line, information regarding the sales reps territory, a custom designed grid notepad with a client name and the Inter-Lux logo, a coffee mug, Inter-Lux pens, and of course their custom Moleskine notebook.


Jessica Huffman

This was a perfect solution as part of Inter-Lux’ new rep kit! A beautiful addition as well. Not to mention the customer service we received was second to none! ~Pauline Harris Owner/Principal – SPIN

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