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The Power of the Pocket – Five BIG Reasons to Keep A Pocket-Size Notebook

The Power of the Pocket – Five BIG Reasons to Keep A Pocket-Size Notebook


Sometimes size really does matter. In a mobile world, the tools we carry around every day must strike that tricky balance between convenient and compact.

Measuring about the size of a smartphone, a pocket-size journal offers some big advantages in a small, lightweight package. It fits comfortably in your briefcase, purse, and of course your pocket, housing your big ideas, daily goals, and spur of the moment thoughts - all while helping you stay organized and focused.

So how can a pocket-size notebook help you organize and focus in work and life?

Here are our top five ways:


1. Master Your Daily To-Do


pocket-size journal daily to do list

Most mornings, it's easy to start the day up with your mind racing with all of the things you need to accomplish. It can be overwhelming and difficult to get started. Each morning, write down 3 tasks to accomplish today... tomorrow gets its own page. Focusing on today only can help you simplify your list down to your most pressing agendas, and alleviate stress by taking your attention off tomorrow's to-dos. Plus, crossing each of those tasks off your list helps you feel accomplished and ready to tackle tomorrow.

Our favorite notebook for daily to-do:

Pocket Moleskine Classic Hardcover

pocket Moleskine hardcover and iphone smartphone size

It's small size and sturdy cover can hold up to long-term daily use. A variety of interior page styles allows you the flexibility to choose your preferred to-do list style.


2. Record Moments of Genius


pocket-size mind map

When that fleeting moment of genius strikes, how do you capture it before it's lost forever? Do you pick up your smartphone to type your thoughts out on a tiny keyboard, only to be distracted by a screen-full of notifications?

Reach for a pocket-size notebook instead. Having a dedicated 'device' for jotting down your deep thoughts and random ideas can be a lifesaver when the inspiration strikes.

Our favorite notebook for moments of genius:

Pocket Moleskine Softcover

pocket Moleskine softcover and iphone smartphone size

Sturdy, yet flexible, the softcover is durable enough to hold up to constant use and abuse, but adaptable enough to go with you everywhere, without the added weight and bulk of a hardcover.


3. Doodle Your Way to Success


pocket-size notebook with doodling notes

Once frowned upon by school teachers everywhere, doodling has now been shown to actually increase learning and recall and boost productivity by helping your mind process and store information. Recent studies illustrate (pun intended) that doodling can even help improve your memory, reduce stress, and keep you alert.

A pocket-size notebook can keep your doodling a bit less conspicuous, should you be in the company of any old-fashioned (or uninformed) non-doodlers.

Our favorite notebook for avid doodlers:

Pocket Leuchtturm1917 + Plain Pages

pocket-size Leuchtturm1917 notebook, plain unlined pages

The plain, unlined pages mean a clean canvas for your "artwork" and are even fountain pen friendly for the more refined doodlers.


4. Color-Code Your World


Pocket Moleskine Volant colors

Do you use the same notebook for work and home? Keeping separate, dedicated notebooks creates a clear separation between aspects of your multi-faceted life. Your HOME notebook should be dedicated to daily tasks, planning, budgets, family events. Keeping your WORK notes separate can help you declutter your workspace and more easily focus on the task at hand.

Our favorite notebooks for organizing your world:

Pocket Moleskine Volant (set of 2)

Moleskine Volant sold in sets of 2 notebooks in matching colors

The thin, lean profile of Moleskine's Volant journal makes carrying multiple notebooks a breeze. Sold as a pair in 2 color shades means they're also pocket-book friendly, and allow for easy color-coding of the different aspects of your life.


5. Focus On What's Important


keep your notes simple and concise with a pocket-size notebook

Research has found that with notetaking, less really is more. With less available space on each page, pocket-size notebooks require more selective and concise notetaking. Your future self will thank you for gathering only the necessary takeaways from the meeting, lecture, or moment, (i.e. getting to the point).

Our favorite notebooks for staying focused:

Pocket Essential Leather Journal

Jenni Bick Essential Pocket Leather Journal

At just $10, this may just become your new favorite journal. Made with rugged, top-grain leather that feels great and looks classy, the journal is still slim enough to live comfortably in your pocket, always at the ready.


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