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Bella Italian Leather refillable journal with custom blind embossed logo imprint

'Notebooks for our Board Members' entire duration... and longer'

Client: Horizon House

Product: Bella Refillable Italian Leather Journal - Black

Customization: Blind Embossed Logo Imprint

Horizon House is a vibrant retirement community located in the heart of downtown Seattle, and is home for adults 62 and better. Since opening 1961, they’ve had a different view of senior living, one that bolsters creativity and individuality and promotes an active and engaged culture. At its core, Horizon House believes each day should be filled with inspiration and purpose — that senior living should be focused on living.

As gifts to members of their Board of Trustees, the team chose our eco-conscious, Bella Italian Leather Journal. The journal's interior can even be swapped out with a fresh notebook when the pages are filled.

"We received the notebooks and they look great! We will be distributing them to Board members at a dinner this evening.
"We chose custom notebooks because we wanted a practical gift that our Board members can use. We specifically liked these because the cover is separate from the notebook itself meaning when the notebook is full, a new notebook can be inserted into the cover so it can be used over and over. We wanted something the Board members could use their entire duration on the Board and longer."

~ Beth @ Horizon House

Bella Italian Leather refillable journal with custom blind embossed logo imprint

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