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'Fantastic for our new year kick off meeting'

'Fantastic for our new year kick off meeting'

Client: 4Discovery

Product: Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover, Black + Dotted Pages

Customization: Blind Embossed Logo Imprint 

Even the most sophisticated cyber criminals leave behind digital fingerprints that can unravel their schemes when scrutinized by a talented computer forensics expert. Enter 4Discovery.

4Discovery specializes in uncovering electronic evidence of misconduct, diversion of intellectual assets, security breaches, or internal corporate compliance violations.

To kick off the new year, team members were gifted with their own custom, logo-embossed, Leuchtturm1917 journal...

"The notebooks look absolutely amazing!
"I purchased these to hand out at our new year department kick off meeting. Notebooks were a fantastic reminder for everyone to take notes during meetings and be accountable! :-)
"Since it was the first time I’ve used you guys, my order was only 25 to see how they turned out. I will most definitely be ordering more to hand out to clients and others as gifts."

~ Chad @ 4Discovery

Thank you Chad!

 Leuchtturm1917 hardcover notebook with custom embossed logo imprint

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