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"The Perfect Touch"

"The Perfect Touch"

Client: Darcy Partners

Product: Moleskine Hardcover, Medium *new size* - Sapphire Blue

Customization: Blind Embossed Logo Imprint

The Darcy Partners mission is to accelerate the adoption of innovative new technologies in the oil and gas industry. They deliver results to members via Darcy innovation forums, “by-invitation-only” events that enable participants to meet emerging vendors, evaluate their solutions, and discuss technology issues with their peers in a collaborative environment.

Darcy Partners forum events photos

For this fall's forum event, Darcy Partners is providing attendees with their own high-quality Moleskine journal, customized with the Darcy logo. The team is quite pleased with their notebooks and excited to share them...

"I am in love with the notebooks. They will add the perfect touch to our forums.
"I decided to purchase these notebooks to add the element of "amenities" to my event. We have previously provided Amazon notepads for our clients to take notes in - these are just a nicer touch.
"My experience of working with JB Custom Journals was great. You were all easy to work with, communicated well throughout the entire process, and made a beautiful product. I appreciate your help through the journey."

~ Melanie @ Darcy Partners

Darcy Partners logo embossed notebooks, imprinted moleskine sapphire blue hardcover

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