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9 Graphic Design Trends to Be Aware of In 2016

9 Graphic Design Trends to Be Aware of In 2016

Trends aren't necessarily something you have to follow, but being aware of them is important. When it comes to Graphic Design this is especially true.

In an article written by Janie Kliever for the Canva Design School Blog, she points out 9 trends and explains why it's important to be aware of them, 

"But even if you’re not one to follow the trends, as a designer, it’s smart to be aware of the shifts going on in your industry—if only to avoid them before they become overused, or to have the opportunity to twist them into something new and interesting.

While forecasting trends with any certainty is a tricky business, many members of the design industry seem to have developed a consensus as to what styles and approaches are most likely to take off in 2016."

Here are the 9 trends she pointed out:

1. “Modern” Retro Style

Ralph Cifra

The Welcome Branding Group

Write Sketch & 


Erin L. M. McGuire



2. Material Design

Google: Material Design 

Balraj Chana 

Disky Chairiandy

Al Rayhan



3. Bright, Bold Colors 

Pantone’s Spring 2016 Color Report


In the Pool

Michael Fangman

Tron Burgundy


4. Geometric Shapes

Vivek Venkatraman

Tank Design

Kyle Anthony Miller

Bag of Bees



5. Negative Space


John Randall

Sameer Ahmed

Sam Hadley

Andrea Minini

Jason Booher


6. Modular Layouts

Balraj Chana


Natalie Armendariz

Julien Renvoye


7. Dramatic Typography



Brendan Prince

Ben Schade

Julie Joanny


8. Custom Illustrations






Saudade Tea


9. Abstract, Minimalistic Style


Aurėja Jucevičiūtė

Lukas Haider



Kajsa Klaesén

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