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Moleskine Notebooks: The Choice For These Top Designers

Moleskine Notebooks: The Choice For These Top Designers

To some, putting pen to paper can seem like a thing of the past. But when it comes to creatives, like the designers featured on this list, a notebook is a fundamental part of their designing process.

In an article from Fast Co. Design, the website, "asked several top designers to let them in on a peek into their favorite notebooks, which serve as windows into their thought and design processes." 

Among the notebooks chosen by the designers, Moleskine notebooks were one of the most popular, these are those designers:



"I normally don’t use notebooks. Instead, I sketch and take visual notes on letter-sized blank sheets of paper that I afterward catalog in different folders.

"The main reason I prefer loose sheets of paper to [bound] notebooks is that they give a more natural way to organize and reorganize my sketches over time, especially since I always have multiple projects [and] topics that I need to think about. I simply carry white paper with me all the time (and Muji ink pens!), I sketch or draw whatever idea comes to mind, and I then archive my sketches on transparent plastic folders labeled with the name of the project they belong to. (I indeed have my obsessive method in cataloging my sketches, but this is another story).

"Moreover, I love the beautiful sensation [of drawing] on a white canvas with no binding, and I also believe there is a value in being able to see your five or six sketches in the same place, as opposed to flipping though a notebook’s pages. 

"If I need to use a notebook, I would use a big-sized Moleskine. I needed to use it for the Dear Data project, since Stefanie Posavec and I decided to sketch our intermediate data drawing on comparable paper."



"For years I used nine-by-seven-inch Roberson Bushey sketchbooks (inspired by my friend and mentor Daniel Weil). They are nice, thin books with smooth, white paper. However, last year I switched to 10-by-7.5-inch Moleskin soft, extra-large sketchbooks.

"The Moleskine books have it all—the paper is nice, the binding allows them to lay flat. The elastic band and the pocket at the back mean you can carry lots of extra papers and bits and pieces with them. At a recent meet-up with a bunch of other creatives, I noticed more than half were using the same sketchbook."



"[I use] a Moleskine classic hardcover plain notebook.

"It is like a classic white button-down shirt. It never hurts to have a few and it will never fail you. I love the inner pocket for loose swatches or cards and the plain layout allows for sketching as well as note taking."

Read the article in its entirety here.

(via Fast Code Design)


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