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"Our guests were completely surprised"

"Our guests were completely surprised"

Client: Volkswagen Group Australia

Product: Moleskine Classic Hardcover - Sapphire Blue

Customization: Blind Embossed Logo Imprint, Individual Typeset Embossed Names

For a recent special event, Volkswagen decided on iconic Moleskine notebooks as gifts to select recipients. In addition to having the Volkswagen logo custom embossed on the notebook cover, the team decided that an extra personal touch was in order:

"Our guests were completely surprised when they realised their notebooks were customised with their names.
"We are happy and appreciate your efforts in getting them completed so quickly."

~ Belinda @ Volkswagen

Moleskine Classic hardcover notebook in navy sapphire blue with custom embossed Volkswagen logo imprint


Jeremy Smith

The extra touch with the names, always gives the receiver “I’m of value to my company” feeling :)

It’s always good when a Company spends the extra money to personalize journals. My POV is it encourages one to write daily in the Journal. TLS

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