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"These journals perfectly embody our concept of affordable luxury"

"These journals perfectly embody our concept of affordable luxury"

Client: Astrid Solo Travel Advisor

Product: Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover - Black

Customization: Gold Foil Embossed Logo

Unlike budget travel or less accessible luxe sites, Astrid Solo Travel Advisor provides “Travel for One”, real-life advice for the solo traveler on where to go, how to get there, what to do when you arrive and much more.

Astrid Solo Travel Advisor Team

The Astrid Travel team recently expanded their services, and are now offering membership into an exclusive traveler's group - the AstridTravel Club. Each member is encouraged to document their experiences, with a goal of sharing their unique stories:

"We host online discussions and meetings about solo-travel-related topics and organize small-group trips around the world. This journal is our gift to each one of our members.
"We believe that journaling is a great way to encourage mindful travel, and we hope to utilize these journals to inspire our members to write down any thoughts, questions, and revelations that might arise while traveling.
"We love them, and I am sure our members will love them as well. These journals perfectly embody our concept of affordable luxury: high-quality, yet reasonably priced.
"We are incredibly grateful for your high-quality work.
"Thank you so much!"

~ Madeline @ Astrid Solo Travel Advisor

notebook custom embossed logo imprint gold foil

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