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How We Take Your Logo from Digital to Debossed

How We Take Your Logo from Digital to Debossed


Once you have chosen your notebooks, sent us your logo, and finalized your order, it’s time to work out the design details!

Here is how the process works...


Step 1 - Formatting Your Logo

First off, we will need your logo as vector line art, preferably the original .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file. Any colors or shading must be flattened to a simple black image on transparent background. Here is some helpful info on the best file types and formatting: Artwork Preparation.


Step 2 - Proofing

Jenni Bick Blind Embossed Logo Proof Mockup

Using your artwork, we prepare a digital proof showing your logo as it will appear on your notebooks. During the proofing process, we work with you on design details like:

  • imprint color
  • logo size & scale
  • placement options on your specific notebook

Once we have finalized the design and you have approved the digital proof, production begins!


Step 3 - Logo Die

The first stage of production is creating a unique metal die of your logo.


Step 4 - Setup

When your logo die is ready, our embossers begin by mounting it onto one of our machines. A special film (or foil) is stretched between your logo die and notebook. Several test runs ensure that everything is perfectly adjusted and the proper foil chosen for your logo.


Step 5 - Stamping

As the logo is stamped down into the notebook, the foil is transferred to the notebook’s surface, ensuring that a crisp impression is left behind.


"What about color?"

Your logo can either be blind embossed (no color fill) or you can choose a single color at no additional charge. Instead of clear foil, our embossers can substitute a colored foil during stamping, which allows the foil’s pigment to be transferred to the notebook’s surface along with the logo imprint. Gold foil is shown here, but we have many color options to choose from. Just ask us!


Step 6 - Here They Come!

Blind emboss, our most popular option


Gold Foil Emboss


"Can my logo be more than 1 color?"

We can do multicolor logos too! If you are curious just how that process works, see this post explaining how we achieve multicolor logo imprints.

Feel free to reach out to us as well for a free quote.

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