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Two Color Embossing Really Makes A Design Pop

Want to see how we do multi-color embossing jobs?  Here are a few photos of Moleskine notebooks that we embossed for Majorminor, a design studio based out of San Francisco.

Before the stamping process begins, a digital proof is sent to the customer to ensure they are getting the product exactly how they envision it.  Majorminor originally started with two concepts:  to have these books blind-embossed on orange books, meaning that the foil color matched the book’s color, or to have a two-color design with orange and white on black books.

A switch to a white and yellow colored design meant that two separate dies had to be manufactured, as only one foil color can be stamped at a time on our machines.  First, the orange elements were stamped onto the book.  Then the second die, for the white objects, had to be meticulously placed so that the second part of the design did not overlap with any part of the first.  Below you can see a book being stamped that has just had the white elements of the logo added to it.

Once the ink is adhered to the book, what is left on the foil is a negative of the logo design.  I think this one resembles a group of constellations!

We think these books came out beautifully and really show off the talents of our embossing team.  Many logos have small, fine details, but this one had them all over the book, from piggy banks, to magnifying glasses, and to briefcases, not to mention the squiggles and stars between each of these objects.

It takes a steady hand and a keen eye to make each and every one of these details pop.  No stamping job is too difficult that we aren’t ready to tackle head-on!

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