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Start to Finish: Custom Logo Embossing Process

Start to Finish: Custom Logo Embossing Process

Ever wonder how we do custom logo embossing jobs? Here's a  job we did for Wollensky's Grill, a casual dining spin off of world renowned Smith and Wollensky's Steakhouse.

For their logo they went with a classic black foil on a Leuchtturm 1917 Hardcover Notebook in Taupe.

Take a peek at our process from design to completion.

Before we begin stamping, we send you a digital proof to make sure we understand what you want.

A metal stamp is made of your logo design. That block is mounted in our hydraulic press, and a brace installed to ensure the book is positioned correctly. 

Once the setup is complete, we can begin stamping. A double button push brings the metal stamp down to press against the book.

A roll of pigment foil glides between the metal stamp and the book, and the design is transferred so all the pigment is fused to the book cover. See how the design removed all the pigment and left an empty spot just where the ink was used? All that pigment is now on the book cover.

Each book is individually inspected to make sure it meets our quality standard.

Each book in your order is printed in the same way - sometimes we have just a few, sometimes, several thousand. Either way, each book is meticulously printed one at a time.

Finished books ready to pack up and send to Wollensky's Grill. 

As we improve our techniques and get comfortable experimenting with ink and surface combinations, we are turning out better and better results. It is so exciting for us to see a digital design come to life in this way.

What do you think? Are they going to love these or what?

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