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Client Story: Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Style Lager

Client Story: Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Style Lager

This was our second custom order for Batch 19 Lager and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. Our Santa Fe Leather Journal was a perfect choice for this job, as it reflected the masculine, old-time craftsmanship and artisan spirit that Batch 19 represents. We added their logo, Blind Embossed in the corner, and a Custom Tip-In Page they designed.
In 1919, beer was banned. Barrels were broken, breweries went under and recipes were lost. When beer came back 14 years later, it was never the same. That is until now, because in 2004, an old logbook was discovered in the brewery archives dating back before 1919.
Batch 19 is inspired by the last batches of beer brewed before Prohibition made it illegal.
The image below was used for their  Custom Tip-In Page, which is a printed single page at the front of the book.  This option works well if you want to add a lot of text or information or if you want to include a full-color printed design element. The design Batch 19 created is a great example of how you can elevate your brand through a Custom Tip-In Page.

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