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"Highly valued and utilized by our whole team"

"Highly valued and utilized by our whole team"

Client: Hardsuit Labs

Product: Moleskine Classic Hardcover, Black

Customization: Blind Embossed Logo Imprint (Oversize)

Hardsuit Labs, located in Seattle, is a game development studio that works hard to create and to maintain an environment that allows their talented, driven people to thrive and to do what they do best – to make great games.

The team at Hardsuit Labs has worked on some truly impressive titles, including BIOSHOCK and GEARS OF WAR, and is currently developing the sequel to the acclaimed BLOODLINES RPG.

Game titles Hardsuit Labs has worked on

After working with them to produce their own custom-branded Moleskine notebooks, Ariana at Hardsuit Labs shared a bit with us on how and why custom notebooks are part of their company's culture-building strategy:

"We are very happy with the notebooks! We give one to each new employee on their first day, and these notebooks are highly valued and utilized by our whole team. 
"Despite being a digital media company, many of us appreciate good old-fashioned note taking on paper. Moleskine is one of the best brands when it comes to that. Another aspect is that we’re a close-knit, privately owned company. It’s super, super cool to see our name and logo on a tangible object like your notebook.
"Beyond that, there’s just something that instant messaging and e-mail doesn’t provide that the notebooks do. It’s a super-portable, blank canvas and really helps us draw out ideas and map thoughts, so to speak.
"Our C-level execs lead the trend with their notebooks. It’s rare to see them without them and that behavior is modeled down the line and has become part of our company culture.
"Honestly, the books are super meaningful to us and I could keep going on and on!"

~ Ariana @ Hardsuit Labs

Custom logo embossed Moleskine Hardcover notebook

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