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"One of the best multi-functional gifts"

"One of the best multi-functional gifts"

Client: Kevin Can Wait

Product: Moleskine Hardcover Notebook - White

Customization: 2-Color Embossed Logo, Orange and Black

We are fans of the white version of Moleskine's Classic Hardcover notebook. It imprints beautifully, and colors really pop against its clean and sleek 'canvas'.

Samantha Esposito from the production team of the TV show, Kevin Can Wait, gave us this glowing feedback:

"I have to say the books are always remarkable; every time I order the journals from your company I know I can expect a high quality product.
"As to why I keep choosing a Moleskine journal; it's one of the best multi-functional gifts as this will be going to Producers, Directors, and their Assistants. In the past I've had co-workers rave about them and I'm excited this time around as well. 
"Thank you so much for these, I believe they came out exceptional once again. I can't wait to give them out!"

~ Samantha @ Kevin Can Wait

White Moleskine hardcover notebooks with color embossed logo - JB custom journals

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