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"A Conversation Starter"

"A Conversation Starter"

Client: Object Computing

Product: Jenni Bick - Around the World Refillable Leather Traveler's Journal - Brown

Customization: Blind Embossed Logo, Individual Typeset Names

Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) is a full-service software engineering company leveraging the latest advances in AI, machine learning, and cloud engineering. The real-world applications of OCI's software solutions sound really exciting...

  • Diagnosing crop disease with machine learning
  • Fuel simulation application for commercial aircraft
  • Tracking food safety, animal welfare, and environmental impact
  • Remote diagnostics of internet connected farming machinery

object computing agriculture monitoring

One of OCI's latest offerings is Micronaut, a JVM framework for building microservices using Java, Kotlin or Groovy. It distinguishes itself through a small memory footprint and short startup time. 

As special gifts, the proud OCI team came to us interested in producing their own customized traveler's style journals:

"[Recipients] so far have loved them, thank you! We do plan to order more and will be sure to reach out when ready.
"Jeff [Partner at OCI and the Micronaut and Grails Practice Lead] has always preferred and used the 'traveler journal' style notebook when taking notes during meetings throughout the day.
"Having them customized with our logo and then personalized just adds such a nice touch. I would imagine it has been a conversation starter while he has been traveling meeting clients this past month."

~ Jen @ Object Computing

custom logo embossed refillable leather traveler's journal - jb custom journals

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