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"One of the more successful and fulfilling branding projects we have done"

"One of the more successful and fulfilling branding projects we have done"

Client: Constructible, Inc.

Product: Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover (Squared Pages) - Red and Black

Customization: Blind Embossed Logo Imprint (Oversize)

Constructible is an artist- and family-owned business that specializes in collaborating with other artists, designers, engineers, and contractors to produce small structures, projects, and exhibitions centered around equity, sustainability, and inclusiveness.

Constructible Inc pencil with logo

The inspiration for Constructible Inc. came from Kansas City’s Arts Convergence Plan that researched, studied, and identified an innovative role for the City in arts and culture and a viable economic strategy. The Arts Convergence Plan addresses the desires of many individual artists and leaders in the arts community to be included and acknowledged in civic leadership and engaged citizenry. 

Constructible Inc gallery of work

We were interested to learn just how art-centric Kansas City is. Creative industries in Jackson County represent 5.03% share of all businesses, which is double the national average of 2.54%. Answering the local demand for creative opportunities, Constructible offers livable wages for many arts-related and craft-driven trades.

The team's creativity was immediately evident when we received their custom notebook concepts:

Constructible notebook concept

Their logo-mark's structural design melds visually with the notebook's elastic band running vertically along the right side. The eye-catching nature of their large, full-bleed design was contrasted with a more subtle and traditional blind emboss. The final result was handsome and effective.

Constructible notebooks with custom embossed logo imprints

The Constructible team, along with their lucky notebook recipients, were just as pleased as we were with the results...

"We absolutely love them. It was exactly what we wanted. The notebooks are high-quality and every press [imprint] was perfectly centered.

"We decided on custom notebooks because we are an artist-owned business, whose work revolves around custom-made products as well. If we had picked something that was plain or merely standard print, we felt that wouldn’t have represented what we are promoting as a business. Focusing on the little things makes us stand out from other design companies.

"Everyone that I can tell, who knows us as a company is loving them... its one of the more successful and fulfilling branding projects we have done in a long time. So we thank you for that as well.

"First of all, the speed in which everyone was able to get back with us was extraordinary. We were able to solidify a design once we started the process within two days over email, and I had a lot of changes. It was truly great."

~ Megan Bryde @ Constructible, Inc.

Constructible custom logo embossed notebooks

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