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Journals for Lefty's

A Left-Handed Notebook Guide

As many left handers can attest, it can be challenging writing in certain notebooks.  Whether it is the binding on the book that prevents the notebook from laying flat when open or ink smudging on the paper (and the side of your hand) as you write, the search for the perfect notebook can be frustrating.  Below are a few notebooks/journals/padfolios that I find are the best to write in for leftys like myself:
Sleek Padded Italian Leather Padfolio

Italian Leather Padfolio

This Italian Handcrafted Leather Padfolio is both stylish and functional. 

Black and Tan Portfolio

There's a slot to hold a letter size notepad, a loop for your pen, and a flap pocket to hold loose documents and business cards. 


Black and Tan Padfolio

This padfolio lays flat when open and adding a notepad that is bound at the top rather than the side makes it super easy to jot down notes and ideas.

Moleskine Cahier & Volant Journals

Custom Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskine is widely known for their notebooks.  Both the Moleskine Cahier and Volant Journals are definitely my go to notebook for my daily work notes.   Both journals lay flat when open and are available in a few different page styles. 


Moleskine Volant Journal

Moleskine Volant

The Moleskine Volant Journals feature a coated cover and is sold in a set of two.  The colored sets of Volants feature two notebooks of a complimentary color.  The pages are all detachable too.


Custom Moleskine Volant

The Moleskine Cahier Journal has a heavy duty cardboard with visible stitching on the spine.  And if you are looking to dress up the cardboard cover, the Moleskine Cahier Journal fits right inside the Around the World Refillable Leather Journal. 


Customized Moleskine Cahier

Dusty Road Handmade Leather Journal 

Custom Leather Journal

For me, the Dusty Road Handmade Leather Journal is the perfect journal.  Measuring 5.5" x 6.75" x 1.25" thick, this journal isn't too big that it is cumbersome and its large enough that the journal lays flat when opened and I find I can get quite a few thoughts down on one page. 


Journal with Assorted Pages

I also like the fact that there are assorted page styles on the interior so I am not limited by lines on the page for my notes and doodles.

Whether you are looking for a leather or non leather journal, having a notebook that lays flat when open is crucial for us left handers.  The above options have worked well for me and I hope they also inspire you as well!

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