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Spotlight on Color: Moleskine Navy Blues

Spotlight on Color: Moleskine Navy Blues

People ask us all the time ... which navy blue Moleskine notebook should I choose?

We offer two shades of navy blue in Moleskine Classic Hardcovers. Prussian Blue is offered only for corporate orders and is a warm blue shade with a violet undertone. Sapphire blue was released in 2017 and is available worldwide as a consumer color. Sapphire blue has a hint of teal in it.

Words are fine, but sometimes it really helps to see them side by side, so we prepared a comparison to see the whole picture:


Moleskine Prussian Blue vs Moleskine Sapphire Blue

As you can see, both blues are really beautiful, but if you're as picky about your design choices as we are, there's a big difference. Now you can choose with confidence, knowing that your navy blue Moleskine notebook is going to be exactly as you imagine it!

moleskine navy blue color comparison chart

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