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Small Book, Big Ideas

Small Book, Big Ideas

Icon Branding & Design develops branding and packaging for consumer products, with a specialty in food and beverage.

Icon was selected as a winner in the American Graphic Design Awards Contest for 2017, based on their design for a fun promotional giveaway notebook they produced with us. 

Kraft Cahier

From Icon's website:

"Successful branding reconciles thoughts and feelings, which leads people to buy. Inviting the choice is what we do.

As a purchase decision begins, our needs and wants are sorted in our minds. We gather information, weigh options, and clarify our vision of exactly what we want. Among the options, connections are made through our senses to determine the best fit.  How we feel becomes a major influence in the buying decision. The final choice is a convergence of thoughts and feelings.  That choice becomes a personal expression and a reflection of who we are."

The choice of a customized Moleskine was a brilliant branding move by Icon, who designed the notebook

More about Icon Branding and Design:

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