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Custom Moleskine Cahier

Moleskine Cahier: Low Cost, Big Brand Impact

Moleskine Cahier

French for notebook, the Moleskine Cahier is a slim journal with a heavy duty cardboard cover, visible stitching on the side, and a wide pocket in the back for loose notes. It’s convenient size makes it the perfect notebook to keep on hand for when that moment of genius strikes.

Available in 3 sizes:

    • Pocket (3.5 x 5.5) - 64 pages
    • Large (5 x 8.25) - 80 pages
    • X Large (7.5 x 9.75) - 120 pages

Available with ruled, plain, and squared pages:

Available in 5 colors:

Moleskine’s most economical notebooks work well with all of our custom options. They provide a low cost, big brand impact for any of your promotional needs. With minimal features, only a wide inner pocket in the back, this notebook is the right platform for your entire brand message.

The Cahier works well for a variety of projects. It’s a perfect notebook for promotional needs. As the most affordable option, it’s great for job fairs, contests, conventions, and even wedding gifts. It’s simple design makes it a notebook people will actually use - and remember you when they do.

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