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Fekkai Shows Off Their Shine With Silver Embossed Notebooks

Fekkai Shows Off Their Shine With Silver Embossed Notebooks

At Jenni Bick Bookbinding there are many different ways we apply our creativity to custom projects; whether it be a one-of-a-kind handmade leather journal or a bulk order of 500 logo embossed notebooks. A discerning eye and careful collaboration with our clients are always used to ensure the final result is both beautiful and that it represents the brand well.

The possibilities for customization are just about endless, and we are constantly pushing the limits of our equipment and printing techniques, thinking outside the box, and expanding our craftsmanship and abilities.

We completed a bulk embossing job for Fekkai Hair Products, commissioned through goDutch Studio …a creative consultancy focused on brand and design strategy.

To establish a soft and luxurious design, we used one of our newest products: the Treasure Chest Metallic Leather Journal in Silver.

It is always an underlying goal to have the books we make correlate with the aesthetic of company they are representing. “The Fekkai product line remains a category headliner; the ultimate in luxury hair care”, therefore our objective was to produce an elegant and luxurious final product, in keeping with their brand message.

Style-guru Frederic Fekkai's mission:

"I focus on the complete picture when I determine the best look for a client, taking into account individual personality, style and lifestyle," says Frederic. "Each quality should be synergistic to create a unique portrait of personal greatness. That's total beauty"

We couldn't agree more - that is exactly how great design should be conceived and executed. What do you think?

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