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Moleskine Volant - Customized with your logo

Moleskine Volants Offer a Ton of Bang for Your Buck!

Moleskine Volants

The name itself means “characterized by flight”. The Moleskine Volant is slim, with a soft, flexible cover. Without the elastic band closure, ribbon bookmark, and inner pocket; the Volant provides a great platform to let your dreams take flight without any fuss.


Available in 4 sizes:

  • Extra Small (2.5 x 4.25) - 56 pages
  • Pocket (3.5 x 5.5) - 80 pages
  • Large (5 x 8.25) - 96 pages
  • X Large (7.5 x 9.75) - 96 pages

Available with lined or plain pages. All of the pages are detachable.


Available in 6 colors:

  • The Black and White notebooks contain a pair of matching notebooks.
  • The Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow sets contain a pair of notebooks comprising of complimentary colors. Each set contains a dark and light colored notebook.

Moleskines slim and no hassle notebooks work well with all of our custom options. The fact that it doesn’t have the additional features allows for different options for customization than other notebooks.

  • Embossing Bleed
  • Insert Page on both covers 

The Volant works well for a variety notebook project. It’s a great notebook if you are looking for a lot of color, a lot of “bang for your buck”, a convenient promotional product people will carry everyday, or a simple journal that focuses on your branding.

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