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5 Simple Elements To Consider When Designing A New Logo

5 Simple Elements To Consider When Designing A New Logo

When it comes to putting together a custom journal you want to make sure your logo looks as fantastic as it can. If you're working on coming up with a new design these are some elements that you should take into consideration.

"Whether you’re attempting to design a logo yourself or preparing a brief for a designer, it’s vital to take a step back and consider all the elements that can contribute to either making or breaking it. After all, your logo in some respects is the face of your company, it is what makes you memorable.


1: Memorable

If a logo is not memorable, it can have an impact on the overall success of your company. The aim of a logo is to ensure people can remember and recall it after just one quick glance, ensuring you are chosen over your competitors. Both simplicity and memorability go hand in hand, the more simple a logo is, the more memorable it is.


2: Simplicity

Logo styles have dramatically changed over the years, but one thing has always stayed constant; the best logos are simple. Brands that have mastered the art of simplicity are Nike, Apple & McDonald’s, these logos can be recognised and recalled within the blink of an eye. Remember that logos are used in numerous formats and sizes and on different platforms so all the detail will be lost. Less colours, less text, fewer shapes, less clutter and even-spacing all promote memorability.


3: Contemporary

Logos should ‘stick with the times’, this does not mean it has to be ‘trendy’, there is a difference. A trendy logo will look good for now, but give it a year and it could look outdated and uninteresting. A contemporary logo should incorporate controlled design with modern lines and spacing. This ensures it can be easily updated, moving with the times.


4: Innovative

It is imperative that before a logo is designed, you are aware of the competition. Nobody wants to create a very similar, almost identical logo to somebody else. It needs to be new and fresh, that way it will be easily noticed and remembered for being ‘the new logo on the block.’


5: Flexible

A logo will be used in many different ways, on many different platforms. Therefore it is crucial that the logo you choose can be scaled up and down, screen printed, embroidered and more. To give some examples, your logo is likely to be printed onto merchandise such as mugs, business cards and alongside other company logos in magazines and brochures.
Your logo must be designed with the multiple end uses in mind, allowing for all situations, no matter what colour background it is on. The textures, patterns, colours and lines must all complement each other.


Useful tip:

When thinking about your logo design, it is recommended that you choose pantone specific colours. ‘Pantone’ is an industry standard colour matching system, these colours can be found in what’s called a ‘pantone swatch’. When colours have been chosen from the swatch, it ensures that when your logo is printed onto promotional merchandise & other items that use screen printing methods, the colours will always be a perfect match; this confirms brand consistency and memorability."


(Via We Are Promotional Products)

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