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Branding That Inspires Creativity: Moleskine x TED 2016

Branding That Inspires Creativity: Moleskine x TED 2016

Moleskine participated in a TED conference as a media partner for the first time in 2015. Now they're back for 2016 with a Custom Logo Moleskine Gift Set, inspired by the conference theme, DREAM!

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a "nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less)". 

The gift set includes: 1 large notebook with logo or bellyband, your choice of color 1 pen, your choice of color, with logo 1 black gift box.

"Celebrating the creative brilliance of some of the best artists, designers and story tellers of our time, the TED Conference has chosen a powerful invitation as the theme for its 2016 edition: Dream!"

"Moleskine shares TED's belief in the power of ideas. Moleskine creates tools that allow people to capture reality, preserving details and impressing unique experiences and emotions on paper. Which is why Moleskine and TED are ongoing partners."

"This year Moleskine has created a gift box with a pen and a notebook with the Conference's call to action on the cover for conference attendees. The invitation is to use the notebook to capture thoughts, questions and dreams during the event and beyond. "

"TED is a non profit organization and global community dedicated to celebrating talent and sharing inspiring ideas from many different disciplines in the form of short carefully curated talks. The TED Conference brings together inspiring creative thinkers with the aim of sparking conversation."

"The TED 2016 Custom Edition notebook is both an invitation and a challenge to think big. In the words of one of America's most innovative architects and urban designers, Daniel Burnham: "Make no small plans. They have no power to stir men's blood... make big plans".


(Via TED and Moleskine

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