As a modern business professional, you have a lot on your mind. The tools you use to stay organized should be no-brainers. As business professionals ourselves, we’ve compiled this listing of our favorite products with our fellow pros in mind.


Our bonded leather 3-ring binder is strong, sturdy, and durable, not to mention it actually looks professional, unlike most binders out there.

The MOLESKINE Professional notebook is great for meeting notes and to-do lists, and includes a fillable table of contents as well as helpful color-coded stickers.

Our bonded leather folios make great gifts for busy execs and can take the rigors of constant use.


Great ideas start with a pen and paper, and these notebooks make great receptacles. They can also double as your go-to meeting notebook or even your customized bullet journal.

All feature non-ruled page styles for extra flexibility, depending on your brainstorming style. Leuchtturm’s dotted page style allows for creating structure to your notes without feeling rigid or obtrusive.